By James Delaney Jr., D.D.S. & Melanie Burke, D.M.D.
March 26, 2018
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Would you like improve your smile? Whether you're concerned about missing or damaged teeth or want to get rid of stains, cosmetic cosmetic dentistrydentistry treatments can revitalize your smile. Our Baltimore, MD, dentists, Dr. James Delaney and Dr. Melanie Burke, discuss a few smile-changing treatments.


Crowns improve the appearance of your smile and also repair damaged or fragile teeth. Hollow crowns fit over the top of teeth, completing enveloping weakened or cracked teeth in danger of breaking. If your tooth has fractured, a crown will restore its natural appearance and its functionality. Crowns are also used to hide discolorations and other imperfections, improve the appearance of oddly shaped teeth and lengthen short teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings

Do you dislike the look of silver amalgam fillings? Tooth-colored fillings are tinted to match common tooth shades, ensuring that your dental work doesn't stand out. The fillings are made of composite resin, a flexible material composed of powdered glass and plastic. Composite fillings are more attractive, don't expand and contract when exposed to temperature extremes, and actually strengthen teeth.


Straightening crooked teeth no longer requires metal braces in many cases. Transparent Invisalign aligner trays improve the alignment of your teeth without wires or brackets. The removable aligner trays exert continual pressure on your teeth, which gradually re-positions them. You'll begin wearing a new set of aligners every two weeks. The trays are virtually invisible and can be removed occasionally if you have a big night planned.

Teeth whitening

Do your teeth look a little yellow? Teeth whitening treatment can dramatically improve a smile dulled by stains. Hydrogen peroxide, a natural bleaching agent, breaks apart stains caused by foods, beverages or cigarette smoking. Whitening only takes about an hour in our Baltimore office and improves your smile by several shades or more.

Dental implants

Implants offer the newest option if you need to replace missing teeth. During minor oral surgery, titanium implants that look like small screws are placed in your jawbone. The implants gradually bond to your bone and act as replacement roots. The addition of dental crowns to the top of the implants restores the visible portion of teeth. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or can also be used to replace any number of missing teeth, thanks to implant-supported bridges and dentures.

Transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry treatments! Call our Baltimore, MD, dentists, Dr. Delaney and Dr. Burke, at (410) 764-7764 to schedule your appointment.

By James Delaney Jr., D.D.S. & Melanie Burke, D.M.D.
January 24, 2018
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It’s important to have a dentist by your family’s dentist

Whether your child is experiencing a sports-related tooth injury or you just need to schedule six-month dental cleanings for the whole family, there are instances in which it’s important to have a Baltimore, MD, family dentist like our very own Dr. James Delaney and Dr. Melanie Burke, who you can turn to for care no matter what.

What is a family dentist?

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to their health, and oral health is no different. Factors such as age, lifestyle, health and everyday habits can all play major roles in your dental health; fortunately, our family dentists have gone through extensive and specialized training to provide a full range of services for every member of your family. It doesn’t matter your age; you will get the care you need when you walk through our doors.

Why should I consider choosing a family dentist?

First and foremost, we know that as parents life can get pretty hectic, right? Taking time off of school or work to go to the doctors shouldn’t be such a hassle and essential appointments shouldn’t be skipped because they are too difficult to work into your already busy schedule.

Instead, consider our Baltimore dentists a one-stop expert for all of your oral health needs. Being able to schedule cleanings on the same day for every member of your family also means fewer trips to the dentist. Plus, keeping up with preventive dentistry and routine care can also prevent both you and your children from dental issues that may require additional and more costly procedures down the road.

We also know that no one likes being rushed out of the office or feeling as if they haven’t been heard by their doctor. We make sure that we really get to know every member of your family to provide each patient with the trustworthy and customized care. For example, you tell us your daughter just joined her school’s soccer team (Awesome!). We’re excited for her but we also realize that she will need to protect her teeth while on the field and we can easily create a custom mouthguard. Getting to really know each family’s lives means that we can provide you with dentistry that really makes a difference.

If you are looking for a dentist in Baltimore, MD, that will treat your family like one of their own then it’s time you called our dental practice and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Delaney or Dr. Burke. We want to help your family maintain beautiful smiles.

By James Delaney Jr., D.D.S. & Melanie Burke, D.M.D.
November 29, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Discover simple cosmetic treatments you can get to enhance your smile for the better.cosmetic dentistry

We know that everyone wants to have a perfect smile but sometimes little imperfections keep us from being happy with the smiles we have. If small chips, cracks or discolorations are bugging you then you may be wondering how our Baltimore cosmetic dentists Dr. James Delaney, Jr. and Dr. Melanie Burke can help you.

Dental Bonding

Do you deal with small cosmetic flaws in one or more teeth? Do minimal discolorations, cracks, chips or even misshapenness keep you from having that perfect smile? If so, dental bonding may be the simple technique you need to get the results you want. Dental bonding uses composite resin, a moldable tooth-colored material that can be applied to the tooth and shaped over these imperfections.

Bonding is the least expensive cosmetic treatment you can get and it can be a great option for those who want to fix minimal issues but don’t want to turn to more serious dental commitments like veneers. Plus, bonding is completely non-invasive and painless. Our Baltimore dentists will choose the proper shade for your bonding resin, apply and shape it over the tooth and then harden it into place with a special curing light. That’s all there is to it!

Dental Contouring

Also referred to as dental reshaping, this cosmetic treatment often goes hand in hand with dental bonding since they complement each other well. Sometimes you have a small chip in a tooth or you have a tooth that is perhaps a bit longer and out of proportion with the rest of your smile.

When this happens, it might be time to consider dental contouring, in which we painlessly shave off small amounts of enamel to reshape and improve the look of one or more teeth. If you are dealing with oddly shaped or excessively pointy teeth, this might just be what you’ve been looking for to give your smile the subtle boost it needs.

Whether you have questions about getting dental bonding or you want to find out if you are an ideal candidate, call our Baltimore dental office today to learn more. We are here to give you a smile you’ll be proud of.

By James Delaney Jr., D.D.S. & Melanie Burke, D.M.D.
September 13, 2017
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How Invisalign treatment from your Baltimore, Maryland dentist can improve your smileinvisalign

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Modern orthodontic treatment can straighten your teeth discreetly and quickly, thanks to Invisalign. This revolutionary orthodontic treatment doesn’t use metal brackets or wires.

Invisalign uses a simple, effective system of clear plastic trays, called aligners, which are smooth and comfortable. Dr. James Delaney Jr. and Dr. Melanie Burke in Baltimore, Maryland want to share more about Invisalign and what treatment can do for you.

There are many reasons why people love Invisalign. When you choose Invisalign, you can count on:

  • Discreet treatment, because no one will see the clear plastic aligners
  • Comfortable treatment, because there are no sharp metal parts
  • Healthy treatment, because you remove the appliance to brush and floss
  • Enjoyable treatment, because you can eat the foods you love

You can also count on rapid results because from your first set of aligners to your last set of aligners, treatment only takes 9 to 15 months. You receive your first set of aligners, which you wear for two weeks, and then you change to a new set of aligners. You wear these for another two weeks. You change aligners every two weeks until your treatment is complete.

Invisalign aligners may look delicate, but they are strong enough to fix all the same orthodontic issues as conventional brackets and wires, including issues like these:

  • Overbite and underbite
  • Crossbite and open bite
  • Poorly positioned and rotated teeth
  • Overlapping or gapped teeth

Why settle for old-school metal brackets and wires when you can have state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment from Invisalign? If you are thinking about achieving a straighter smile, think about Invisalign as the solution to straightening your smile discreetly.

For more information about Invisalign, call your family dentists Dr. Delaney and Dr. Burke in Baltimore, Maryland. Don’t wait to get a straight smile you will love, call today!

By James Delaney Jr., D.D.S. & Melanie Burke, D.M.D.
July 24, 2017
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What your dentist in Baltimore wants you to knowroot canal

Tooth pain can be complicated because your teeth can hurt for many reasons. Sometimes your pain can be relieved with just a simple filling, but what if a simple filling isn’t enough? What if you need a root canal? Dr. James Delaney Jr. and Dr. Melanie Burke in Baltimore, MD want to share some of the common signs and symptoms you may need a root canal.

There are many incidents which can lead to root canal treatment. You are at an increased risk for a root canal if you have experienced:

  • Traumatic injury or an accident involving your face or jaws
  • Deep, extensive decay which has reached the inner portion of your tooth
  • Chronic clenching or grinding your teeth

Teeth can also die naturally, for no apparent reason. All you may notice is that the tooth will appear darker and grayer than the teeth around it. Typically, you will experience little or no symptoms from these teeth.

If you have tooth pain that continues and doesn’t resolve with a simple filling, you may need a root canal. Some of the other signs and symptoms to look for include:

  • Sharp, throbbing pain that can radiate
  • Severe pain when you eat or drink hot or cold foods or beverages
  • Soft tissue swelling and redness around a tooth
  • White drainage coming from around the root of a tooth

When you need a root canal, it means that the innermost tissue of your tooth, an area called the pulp chamber, has become diseased. The tissue becomes inflamed, causing pressure and pain from deep inside your tooth.

During root canal treatment, this diseased, inflamed tissue is removed and replaced with an inert material. Pressure and pain are eliminated and you still get to keep your tooth.

If you are experiencing tooth pain and pressure, it’s best to visit your dentists in Baltimore. They will use the latest diagnostic tools including state-of-the-art dental x-rays, vitality testing and temperature testing to determine if you need a root canal.

If you think you may need a root canal, seek out the help of the experts and call Dr. Delaney and Dr. Burke in Baltimore, MD. Don’t wait; get relief from tooth pain by calling today!

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