Show Off Your Best Possible Smile

Show Off Your Best Possible Smile

Would you like improve your smile? Whether you're concerned about missing or damaged teeth or want to get rid of stains, cosmetic cosmetic dentistrydentistry treatments can revitalize your smile. Our Baltimore, MD, dentists, Dr. James Delaney and Dr. Melanie Burke, discuss a few smile-changing treatments.


Crowns improve the appearance of your smile and also repair damaged or fragile teeth. Hollow crowns fit over the top of teeth, completing enveloping weakened or cracked teeth in danger of breaking. If your tooth has fractured, a crown will restore its natural appearance and its functionality. Crowns are also used to hide discolorations and other imperfections, improve the appearance of oddly shaped teeth and lengthen short teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings

Do you dislike the look of silver amalgam fillings? Tooth-colored fillings are tinted to match common tooth shades, ensuring that your dental work doesn't stand out. The fillings are made of composite resin, a flexible material composed of powdered glass and plastic. Composite fillings are more attractive, don't expand and contract when exposed to temperature extremes, and actually strengthen teeth.


Straightening crooked teeth no longer requires metal braces in many cases. Transparent Invisalign aligner trays improve the alignment of your teeth without wires or brackets. The removable aligner trays exert continual pressure on your teeth, which gradually re-positions them. You'll begin wearing a new set of aligners every two weeks. The trays are virtually invisible and can be removed occasionally if you have a big night planned.

Teeth whitening

Do your teeth look a little yellow? Teeth whitening treatment can dramatically improve a smile dulled by stains. Hydrogen peroxide, a natural bleaching agent, breaks apart stains caused by foods, beverages or cigarette smoking. Whitening only takes about an hour in our Baltimore office and improves your smile by several shades or more.

Dental implants

Implants offer the newest option if you need to replace missing teeth. During minor oral surgery, titanium implants that look like small screws are placed in your jawbone. The implants gradually bond to your bone and act as replacement roots. The addition of dental crowns to the top of the implants restores the visible portion of teeth. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or can also be used to replace any number of missing teeth, thanks to implant-supported bridges and dentures.

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